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Cass Voit (aka Sako Tumi) is a self-published author based out of Northern Virginia. She has breached over 200 subscribers on Authortube after eleven years of honing her writing craft. She is also a professional Photographer, Illustrator, Bellydancer and Flow Artist. At the end of the day, she enjoys curling up with her husband and her black cat, Nobukatsu, watching a stupid show and reading a horror book. She can be found on most social media as either Sako Tumi or Psychosako.  To get a better sense of her work, please feel free to explore her official Author Portfolio.


The following is a collection of my future and most meaningful writing projects. Each piece is unique in content and represents a distinct moment in my career. I hope you enjoy my work and I invite you to contact me with any questions.

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Don Giovanni is bought into a political marriage, but his bride is not as she seems. While juggling the First Nephandus, The White Spiral cabal has their hands full.

MARCH 2022

Primus Giovanni is thrown into a pack of Imbued as they battle a Yama King. He comes in contact with a 16 year old girl who can cure paradox. He just has to live long enough to benefit.

JUNE 2022

Lorenzo puts his detective hat on when he goes to Savannah, Georgia, and stumbles on an axe murder. With the help of the ghosts from the axe murder in 1909, can he solve the modern murders before they strike again?


SEPT . 20 . 2020

 Pandora "Panda" Tran is a queen among the White Hats based out of the Washington DC area. When a government agency hires her to hack into a "suspect" forum, she is confronted by wizards that use computers in their magic. When the Government agents that hired her show their true colors, Panda has no choice but to also learn this form of magic in order to

stay alive.


The Awakening of a mortal member of the Giovanni Familie. He gets a rude awakening to the World of Darkness and his journey to masterdom.


Primus Giovanni's coke habit gets the better of him. What happens when a master mage must go into detox?


On April 26th, 2020, the book trailer for HopesChest dropped! Be sure to check it out below!


“A non-writing writer is a monster courting insanity”




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