30DDC2012: Self Portrait

This is the first of the thirty drawings i will be doing for the next month: The Self Portrait.

So i’ma do this adaptation of the 30 Day Drawing Challenge: [link]

You might remember me doing the easy peasy basic 30DDC back in 2010. If you don’t, then here it is: [link]

This one is gonna be harder becuase it requires more brainmeats and i’m pretty much relegated to an hour tops to work on these. I like these challenges as an opportunity to finetune my skills as an artist and kind of update my portfolio. :3

As per most of these kinds of challenges, the first day is a “Self Portrait”. So i did this one in the style of the impressionist painter Mary Cassatt, who was (in)famous for painting nothing but women and children. I kinda feel like the latter these days, especially when i’m dying for a nap (like right now). MEH. I NEED VACATION. >.<

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