CHOW#211: Aladdin

Upside, i’ve started doing the CHOW challenges on Downside, i finished this one day too late. Other way, here it is.

As I’ve been belly dancing for the past 10 years, and I learned of belly dancing through medieval reenactment, it is no surprise that i am somewhat versed in middle eastern garb and Islamic and Indian designs, so not much in the line of preliminary drawings were needed.

I decided to go with his “emperor” gear. I wanted to modernize it without Americanizing it. Some of the other challengers were doing things like, putting him in hoodies, or even chucks, and to me, it came off as a little tasteless. The idea of of a scimitar with hightops left a bad taste in my mouth. So what is the new scimitar? What is the new weapon of choice in that part of the world?

Why, the Kalashnikov, of course. I couldn’t find clear refference for Stubby version, so i figured the standard AK-47 would be fine.

Here’s the thread.

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