CHOW 212: The Veteran

“Snipers make lousy lovers. They never make the first move.”

– Analise Konchalovsky.

After 20 years as an Army Sniper, Analise Konchalovsky. Many are reluctant to take her seriously when they judge her by her young looks, but quickly regret such judgement when they see her skills in action. 10 years ago, while providing cover-fire for her squad, it came down to a face off with an enemy sniper. She waited for him to take another shot so that he would expose himself, but her bright red hair turned out to be the target. She did deliver the kill-shot, but not after being grazed by a 50 cal. bullet, scarring her face and blowing off her ear. Ever since that battle, she has had very little sense of humor. Men tremble in fear when she smiles. There are rumors that her negative response to the advances of men are simply becuase her sexual interests lie in the fairer sex, but again, merely rumors. She doesn’t talk much, but when she does, her strong alto voice demands attention.

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