Day 13: Comics

For those of you that have not played Silent Hill 4 (aka The Room), you might want to watch these two cutscenes first. What out, they’re kinda bloody and suggestive, as SH is often prone to be.

So, now that you have watched that, i will now tell you that i have had a slew of Silent Hill themed comics sitting on the back burner for some time now, but it appears that i only have the notes for Silent Hill 2 and 4. So, imagine how convenient it was that Day 13 was the challenge of doing a Comic! Wee!

Silent Hill: The Room was my favorite and the easiest to make fun of in my opinion. Half of the humor is actually taken word for word from the game, and i just add the punchline. Too easy.

Today, i decided to illustrate the Death of Cynthia.

1) Ever notice that Henry’s expression rarely changes? 2) Ever notice how Henry is only helping Cynthia with the promise of sex? That hilarious male mentality was totally missing in SH3. ❤

RIP, 16/21. Always remember. Never forget.

(the first initial sketch of the first panel, but decided there was too much detail for the purpose of the project.)

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