Day 24: Couple

Upside: After the multitudes of tear jerking frustration i suffered yesterday, i was DETERMINED to make today’s challenge not suck. I almost succeeded. Downside: the keyword is ALMOST. it’s got a ways to go but i gotta get up at 4am tomorrow to make a 15 hour drive north in hopes we will beat a snow storm home, so unfortunately, this will have to be finished another day. And let me inform you: It WILL be finished.  It is rather depressing that out of 24 challenges so far, this is the first one i technically failed, but in a sense, it’s not really failed, since it’s not like i want to throw up on it or anything.  So i did my budding couple: Kageko and Enzo. Why ever would the Primus of a Hermetic House marry a Thrashing Dragon? Why, for sex of course. Also for political reasons, but yes, mostly the sex.  I’m not sure why, but i seem to be incapable of drawing Kageko in anything but vintage flats.  I totally used this stock: [link] Go check out the rest of their gallery while you’re at it. They are great for couples stock, as well as some other stuff.


Finished it.

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