Day 27: Someone You Love

This is my old college buddy, Nina Osegueda-Austin. Despite not seeing her very often, as we’re both very busy people, she’s still one of my best friends, and we still do our best to involve eachother in important steps in our lives, such as me being her Maid of Honor. I would want her to be in my wedding party too.  This portrait, i think, sums up her entire personality in one tightly cropped image. Her spikey goggles that give her a metal edge and something to hide behind. She’s a female metal vocalist, thus the mic in her hand. Her wedding ring, as she is very loyal to her husband, despite being the front to a metal band. She’s half spanish, half el salvadoran, so she comes from a very hispanic background, but she is most definitely American. Her perfect teeth, her larger than life personality, and yet, we see on stage isn’t really the whole picture. Just a tight snapshot what the 5 ft Amazon. Wow, she has a wiki. That’s a little surreal. [link] She actually went to school for animation, so she draws too, though hasn’t drawn in some time. 

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