Day 6: Favorite Book

Got a couple things i’m working on right now, so i’m doing some quicky roughs heavily reliant on refs right now so i can get it done quick.

Day 6 of the 30 day challenge: Your Favorite Book.

I actually have a couple favorite books, but usually Sunglasses After Dark by Nancy Collins ranks at #1. This is Sonia Blue, the main character. She spends the book avenging her own gruesome death. Before White Wolf, much of what i loved about vampires was demonstrated in this novel, and it included how they interact with other denizens of the supernatural. I was intrigued when she actually started writing for White Wolf. It was okay. Not great, but okay, and crossed over my two favorite systems, so of course, i was happy.

There is a scene in the book where she rescues a supporting character. While he is unconcious in bed, she is mopping blood off her floor. He wakes up and stares at her, and she snaps back at him “What, you expect me to lick it off the floor?” She didn’t exactly show off fangs and eyes and stuff, but you know. It gives it flavor.

I can’t remember if she actually has the bloody bloody eyes, but it was on the cover, and it was the first book cover i had seen designed in a different format than other books. No title or text on the cover itself, just the spine, completely white except for her eyes, shades and lips.

Said cover:

I felt like shades would disrupt the composition, but i dunno. What do you guys think?

Stock acquired here: [link] and here: [link]

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