Day 8: Favorite Animated Character

Picture title: His Last Pair.

Okay, so K’Nuckles isn’t my FAVORITE character, becuase i love every character on that show, but i love that show so much that i thought it deserved a little love.

I TOTALLY forgot how much freaking easier it is for me to draw at night. I had such a frustrating, heart racking day, and this was so fun to draw that it totally cheered me up. Okay, maybe not totally, but a little. I smiled the whole 20 minutes it took to draw this.

I love it and don’t think i could possibly be happier with this picture if i TRIED.

No, that is not his normal outfit. But i always liked how his skin was actually vaguely normal colored when he was shirtless. And in my favorite episode from any show evar, he wore his last pair of overall enthusiasm as they were heading WEEEESSSSSSSSSSTTTTT.

We all know that’s not Maple Syrup he’s drinkin’, but i suppose CN would rather the wee ones become diabetic rather than alcoholics. Drink up, mateys!

OH HAY. i totally made it past the one week mark! I’m insanely proud of myself! WEEEE

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