Delia Revisited, Wakkawa Style

Watch out this one is grown ups only, since she’s naked. hey, naked chicks are art. especially shiny ones.

A DA artist that goes by the name Wakkawa seems to have an aversion to putting pants on some of his women, and to be honest, i think it’s downright fantastic. Since i’m all about drawing voluptuous women, who better to test this costume style on but ol’ Delia, my long neglected muse. She just doesn’t do it for me anymore… drawing that hair used to keep me hypnotized for hours. Then i made the mistake of doing an extreme closeup of her hennaed face at 15×20 in prismapencil. After 2 weeks, my hand about fell off, and i kinda didn’t like drawing her anymore.

Well, with my old partner in crime moving back to the area in a couple months, i know we’ll be drawing alot of Delia and her Thiswen, so i figured i’d remind myself what it was like to draw her. A shame that i don’t feel the same love for the green haired Norn that i did 7 years ago.

This is a work in progress. I will actually upload my progress of each sitting.

click and click again to see closer.

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