Enzo Meme Series: Twelfth Character Introduction.

This is the second meme in the series of art memes done using my beloved Lorenzo character. Having done this under the influence of a rather debilitating flu thing, i feel that i might regret actually posting this on the internet, as i am somewhat ashamed of the shading job i did. I’m trying to decide if i want to remove the shading and just leave the pencil work. Maybe i will try again when i’m not so sick.

This is Twelfth’s Character Introduction Meme, by, well, Twelfth.  If the tiny text is too tiny, feel free to click the image to make it slightly larger.

Also, apparently Lorenzo shaves with a butter knife, because i’m atrocious at drawing straight razors.

#challenge #Illustration #MtA #male #meme #wod #WorldofDarkness #MagetheAscension

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