Enzo: The Scar Meme

Before Lorenzo Giovanni was a mage, he was a hitman. Technically, he still is, though he is now the Don of his family, and his House acts as executioner for the Order of Hermes. You’re bound to pick up a few scars when your occupation is combat.

It would be easy to perceive Mage: The Ascension characters as completely broken. They have the ability to bend and shape reality. Their powers are not limited by what is in the book: usually, you just make up the effect you want, and then figure out the rule system in which to make it work. In other words, the game allows your character to basically do ANYTHING. The other denizens from the World of Darkness (vampires, werewolves, demons, etc), often view the Lightening People as extremely dangerous, no matter the skill level.

What these denizens do not understand is the drawback: they can suffer what’s called “Paradox”. When they push the boundaries of reality a little too hard, or even tear reality as we know it wide open, the universe punishes the mage by inflicting damage to his body, and often times his mind and soul as well. They can gain scars, derangements, etc. If the offense is drastic enough, the mage can enter something called “Quiet”, but that is another illustration entirely.

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