Illustration: Fyodorov Skinrider

I’m actually embarassed to post this. Not entirely thrilled with it, but i wanted to finish something today. I hope to redo it in the near future. I just wanted to have something on paper for her.

Orpheus, the table top RPG, is a rather obscure White Wolf game. Think Wraith, only cleaned up. And you’re alive. And being a ghost for a corporation. Something like the Technocrats + Fringe. Sorta. We’re taking a break from the WOD game to play this, which is designed to be relatively short. I look forward to it.

This is Adelaide Zinoviya Fydorov, a Russian American EMT / ER doctor. Well, formerly, until she joined the Orpheus corporation. Now her job is to be a skimming Skinrider. She manipulates people by leaving her body, becoming something like a ghost, and inhabits other people. For good causes of course.

I’ve always wanted to play a Russian Medic. Russian sense of humor is violent and sarcastic and i love it.

#Orpheus #wod #WorldofDarkness

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