Laughing Rainbow Kageko

Medium: handmade sketchbook, hb lead, photoshop CS3, :iconresergere: textures

I’m really posting this because i worked hard on the irezumi. The chrysanthemums are a national flower for japan, despite their chinese origin, and symbolize prosperity. The deadly nightshade denote danger and deception, and the snakes are messengers of god, and extremely poisonous.

A couple textures and some flats thrown down, this is just a WIP. It needs some serious work, but i figured if i posted it, it would encourage me to finish it.

Hey, i finished it!

Ah HA. My tactic of posting the WIP worked. Spent probably 16 hours on this total, and most of it was the pencil work. The base pencils took forever, and not because of the irezumi. Just couldn’t draw a freaking female bust for 6 or so hours.

I wanted this to have a decidedly south asian feeling to it, so it doesn’t have as many stark nooks and crannies in it shading-wise as i have a thing for of late.

This is Kageko Kobayashi, the Yakuza woman that my supernatural Venetian mafioso, Lorenzo Giovanni marries for political reasons. He finds out after the fact that she is a Kuei Jin of the Thrashing Dragon Dharma. She specializes in the sex biz: trafficking uncensored porn into Japan, and running brothels in Nevada.

I will be working the story arc into the Damned Hitman, so i’ll try not to give away too much.

#conceptart #female #Illustration #wod

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