LNAJ: Jonah Hex

Apparently i’m the only one who did the Late Night Art Jam on the 16th, which is a shame, because the topic was Jonah Hex.  I tried something a little different this time. It was a purely additive technique (no erasers allowed), with no reference, on TOP of the sketch instead of under it. Also, instead of doing the whole head and then cropping it so i have the structure (like i normally do), i just kinda wung it, so the anatomy is not too great. You know, on the side that isn’t completely jacked.  I used one shade of wine and white. I don’t like how muddy it came out. I forgot the stubble (which is PROPOSTEROUS if you’ve been watching me draw men for the past two years), and i need to smooth out the actual smooth parts of his skin, but i’ll do that all another time.  Can you believe i actually made his nose smaller? the more i look at it, the more it seems to grow….  Also, this is my dad’s all time favorite comic book character, and he’s doting on his sick mother (my namesake) whose birthday is in about a week. So yeah, this is for him.

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