LNAJ: Vega

Despite popular belief, I do still draw. It just happens that i’ve been drawing in sketchbooks more lately, and i don’t exactly have my own scanner, so it hasn’t been a priority.

Oh hey, a rough Vega sketch!

While I’ve been getting in touch with pencil and paper of late,  i felt the need to do a Late Night Art Jam (which has apparently been upgraded to “Champion Edition” without my knowledge or understanding). I deemed the topic Vega, and hopped to it.

I’ve also been experimenting with different color schemes, and pushing out of my comfort zone as far as applying my color theory skills to illustration rather than just photography and graphic design. It’s a wall i never expected to hit, but i seem to be breaking through it just fine.

#fanart #challenge #Illustration #manga #videogames #Vega #artjam #streetfighter

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