Modeling: Sako Tumi: Posies in the Park Pt 1

I recently recieved a request for more “self portraits”. While i don’t have many that i’ve done personally, i do have many done by my awesome pal Edel Tripp, so over the course of the next couple weeks, i’ll force my ugly mug on you people :3

This was actually the first ever photojam I ever had with Edel. This park has since been closed due to all the wacky construction they’ve been doing on the swamp this is built next to, so in a sense, there’s a little bit of history in this. As old as this set is, it’s still one of my favorite.

Yes, sometimes we adults need a little time on the playground. And we don’t always need weed to do it.

#collaboration #female #Photography #artjam #Modeling

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