Modeling: Steampunk Product shots

In March 2011, My dear friends Elisse Hamu and Peter Heydt got murried. I was the photographer, so i’ll be sharing those pictures in the future.

I purchased quite a few items from Etsy for this event, and thought I’d take some product shots for the nice people that I bought from.  Stein Soberg was my assistant photographer, and was kind enough to take these for me. I post processed them.

Yes, these are pictures of me. Stein shot them with a Nikon D7000. I editted them using Lightroom and Photoshop. I did my makeup and hair.

I got all my goodies from the following vendors:

Necklace: Lad Named Felix Yoga tank: Timjan Designs Steampunk “batman utility belt”: Old Junkyard Boutique Clockwork Hairsticks: Antickquities Bellydance Belt: Saadja DesignsHair sticks: Auralynne

I sing nothing but praises of these guys.

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