Photography: 365 Project: Week Thirty Two

Challenge: Take a picture once a day, every day, for 365 days. I will be doing this through Instagram and my iPhone4. I’m hoping to publish this into a photo book in a year’s time, which will include haikus that will act as the photo’s commentary. Wanna do it too? Photojojo has some groovy guidelines you might find inspiring.


(mon 02.20.12)

The last day we spent in New Orleans, we went and visited Marie Leveaux’s grave, where i prayed and left an offering for my brother. The tourists didn’t make my moment of silence easy, but it was a moment i needed. A ring of protection that i’d been wearing since 6th grade broke, so i could not have left a better offering, really.


(tues 02.21.12)

No sooner did i come up did i have to leave to ID the body. The least easy ID i’ve ever done. Then, I came home to my first large format print.


(wed 02.22.12)

My pal Jamie came over with her wee one Gabe, and Pabu decided to join Gabe for his nap.


(thur 02.23.12)

I was reminiscing those lost to me, and lost to the world.


(fri 02.24.12)

Beartato meets Washy.


(sat 02.25.12)

Already, I miss New Orleans and how i felt when i was there. Taking care of my brother’s affects has been very taxing.


( sun 02.26.12)

I attended my first Tribal Cafe with the Beau, and saw some of his friends belly dance. This here be Claire, up from Tennessee.

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