Photography: A Sound of Thunder: Kill That Bitch Video Shoot

If you don’t know who A Sound of Thunder is by now, you probably haven’t been watching my blog very long. They’re a steady photography client of mine, and a local power metal band that’s a force to be reckoned with, in my honest opinion.

They enlisted the ever-talented Duy Tran to shoot a music video for one of their songs, and I got the pleasure of taking candids during the shoot. Those that HAVE been following me for a minute know that candids are my bread and butter. It’d been so very long since i’d had the opportunity to a) shoot with my DSLR and b) do it in daylight that i was actually quite surprised by the glory that came out in the end product. Rather minimal photo editing was needed.

Without further ado, A Sound of Thunder, in “Kill That Bitch”.

Want to see the other couple of pictures? Check out the Album.

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