Real Hygenic Women

So i don’t think i’ve mentioned it here yet: but i got a new job as a graphic designer / illustrator / photographer at an amazing company in an amazing city for great money. I couldn’t be happier, really.

This is the first company i’ve worked for where i can actually share some of the work i’ve done for them.

I won’t say who these were for, but let’s just say they make the most famous feminine hygene product, at least in the united states, and have for the past what, 40 years?

I had to draw a series of realistic women that would be voicing their opinions about feminine hygiene(soundbites taken from the focal groups). 3/4 through the project (and just when i decided i wanted to draw shapely black women forever), the client came to the conclusion that they didn’t know what it was they wanted. So we’ll be doing something else, but i don’t think we’ll be using these. It was fun to do, tho.

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