RSLP: 2007 Buttons

There are pros and cons to being an artist. The pro is that if we can’t find art content we want, we can just make it. The con is that sometimes we HAVE to, and getting around to it can be a bear.

Once upon a time ago, back when Jenova Silver and I were still still in college, we worked on an epic hentai series called Reform School Lesson Plan. When it came time to start graduating school, this project got put on the back burner, and we had to take care of life, and the project was forgotten.

Recently, i began compiling a looong list of all the projects i’d started and never finished, or had just always wanted to do but never got around to, and Reform School found its way on the list. So yeah, i’ll be working on that again.

These buttons were made for Nekocon 2006 or 2007 (i forget which…), and were pressed with Carrie’s crazy hand press button maker. To hell if that was designed for kids… sunuva… But thanks so much for letting us use it!

I’d completely forgotten about these buttons until i saw them on Molly’s purse.

Another downside to being an artist for work is that sometimes you forget to keep copies for yourself.


If you would like to own one or more of these buttons, they are in fact for sale for 2 dollars a pop. Just drop me a note or something.

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