Screnzy TGIO

So i was determined to do Scriptfrenzy this year. I’ve had the outlines for a steampunk anthology sitting on the back burner for some time now, and figured Screnzy would be a good excuse to get it done. And you know what?

IT WAS. I totally won.

It’s done. Actually done. PDFs of the script and thumbs are sitting in the mailboxes of my 8 artists right now. Sadly, one of my artists dipped out on me, so if you’re willing to draw and ink a 12 page comic i wrote about the Lorelei immigrating to New York at the turn of the last century for meager royalties, then drop me a line. haha.

Anyway, i printed out my 102 page script, and needed a cover for it, so here we are. I really heart 

Also, i totally donated, as this is a nonprofit dealy, so you can write it off your taxes. :3

Now i gotta come up for an outline for what i’m doing next year……

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