Sluagh WiP

Medium: Stock, photoshop CS4, wacomintuos2. So i went to Magfest, and met an an amazing artist, who inspired me to do something equally amazing. This isn’t really done, as i’m working in some skulls and stuff, but i really like this phase of it, so i thought i’d share it.  I’m currently reading through the Dresden Files, and it’s most OBVIOUSLY based on World of Darkness. I just finished Summer Knight, and it’s definately Changeling, which i haven’t played/run since highschool (that, btw, was a loooong time ago). I got the urge to paint a Sluagh. SO BAM. Arts!  The stock can be found here. and as always, the ever wonderful textures from 

Sluagh WiP by ~psychosako on deviantART.

#changelingthedreaming #Illustration #sluagh #WorldofDarkness

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