I am a second generation gamer. Both of my parents have been playing role playing games since before i was alive. I introduced them to the White Wolf games when i was in highschool.

My mother’s characters always have a very rich history and a very rich culture. For mother’s day this year, i made a mini art book of sketches of Taigi.

Taigi is a Omaha Souix. She was born into a tribe that is Wendigo Kinfolk, and when she was nearly killed by a Black Spiral Dancer, she was Awakened, and follows the tradition of the Dreamspeaker as a Shaman. As she is a Master in spirit, and an Adept in everything else, i wouldn’t fuck with her.

This is the woman that Lorenzo, my Giovanni Orphan, has been charged to protect.

For some reason, this sketch reminds me of Ryan Kinkaid’s work. Hm.

#souix #female #Illustration #MtA #wod #WorldofDarkness #MagetheAscension

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